Sentry Guard II

Sentry Guard 2 has been designed to be the next evolution of remote site security,  we have introduced lots of new features including Photo on demand (PHoD) and Full App Control. With our system, not only will we be monitoring through our 24hr operating station but you can view and download photographs 24 hours a day using the provided app along with granting access to staff as required.


24hr Monitoring


24hr Monitoring

24hr Guard Response

Temp Control

Anti Masking

Photo Verification

Night Mode

2 PIR Sensors

Wildlife Immunity


IP55 Rated


Adjustable image resolution

Photo verification in 9 seconds

Two- way communication

Wildlife Immunity

Data-rich notifications

IR backlight

Adjustable image resolution

Two- way communication

Lightning-fast alarms. Verified.

MotionCam Outdoor recognises intrusion from the very first step on the area and confirms it with an animated series of images. Visual verification helps to instantly ascertain the situation, saving users from being concerned, and security companies from unnecessary patrol despatches. Along with the ability to request photographs on demand through our app regardless of security mode, our detectors monitor your site at all times.
Photo by alarm
Photo on demand
Photo by alarm
Photo on demand

Mobile Control Box

Our purpose-built wireless hub allows the system to be deployed anywhere, anytime. The hub is constantly in contact with our 24hr monitoring centre even when not alarmed. This allows our team to manage and report on any situation that arises. With the ability to add extra sensors to your purpose-built system, you can ensure maximum security and peace of mind at all times.  The system can add up to 200 sensors from one control box, so no matter how large the project is, we can accommodate. With the ability to set automated scenarios for any site we can make sure the set-up works to your exact needs.

24/7 Montoring From Prosec UK

Complex anti-sabotatge system

Sensors to detect masking

Event notification in 0.15 seconds

Jamming detection in 30 seconds

Data protection with encryption and hopping

Notification about dismantling

Detection of communication loss in 36 seconds

Effective security in any weather

Sentry Guard II resists heat up to +60°С and withstands the cold down to −25°С. To protect the sensors from rain and snow, we use a protective hood. This avoids false alarms with the anti-masking system.
Efficiency in heat and cold
IP55 enclosure protection

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