5 Places to Use Sentry Guard

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5 Places to Use Sentry Guard

The Sentry Guard suite of products are versatile tools to use for security. From simple alarm functionality, to the more advanced units with 24/7 CCTV functionality.


Here are 5 places to use Sentry Guard:

Remote Properties

If you’re wanting to add an alarm feature or deterrent to your remote property, the basic Sentry Guard unit is a great option. If you yourself live in a remote part of the country and want some perimeter protection, the Sentry Guard Plus units offer a great alternative to fencing and static CCTV.


Construction Sites

By far the most common usage of our Sentry Guard system is construction sites. If you’re looking to ensure overnight alarm and monitoring at a temporary construction site, Sentry Guard provides an ample, moveable, and versatile solution.

With the Sentry Guard Plus units you can even monitor the feed from your mobile phone or tablet!

Industrial Sites

Industrial sites aren’t always conducive to static or traditional CCTV. There is often a lot of traffic, dust and the spaces can be difficult to monitor. The hard-wearing Sentry Guard units are designed to be robust and run on renewable energy. For a busy industrial site, they are ideal.


High Value Items

Looking for a temporary solution to protecting high value items? Perhaps cars at a car show or high value construction equipment overnight? Sentry Guard Plus and our Eco Cams are an easy and portable solution.


Mobile Sites & Events

Protection of mobile sites and events are another popular use for Sentry Guard technology. From having extra ‘eyes’ on the ground around a perimeter, to protecting equipment and no-access areas – there’s a mobile CCTV solution available to you.


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