Construction Site Logistics from Sentry Guard

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Construction Site Logistics from Sentry Guard

Construction sites can be large and fast moving. You don’t always have the time or personnel to keep an eye on all corners of your site. If you are struggling with construction site logistics, try the Sentry Guard Plus system of mobile CCTV and alarm units. Use them for overnight security, and as CCTV during the day.

Easy to reposition

CCTV is all well and good, but traditional cameras can’t be repositioned, which severely limits their effectiveness on a construction site. The Sentry Guard units are easy to reposition as your site evolves.

They also come in both overt or covert designs – so if you are looking for covert security, these can blend in on a building site.

Perimeter Alarm

If you have a large or complicated site, Sentry Guard can act as perimeter alarms. With the Plus units, they offer CCTV remote monitoring, so you can watch your perimeters from your mobile phone or tablet.

This is especially useful for sites with a non-linear line of sight, or for those covering a large area.

Construction Site Logistics

If you are planning your construction site logistics, think about adding the Sentry Guard system of alarm and CCTV units into your arsenal.

Contact us to discuss your site needs and see if our Sentry Guard units or Eco Cam’s might be right for you.

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