Flexible Second Property Security

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Flexible Second Property Security

If you are looking for flexible second property security, then the suite of Sentry Guard units might offer you the solutions you need. Ensuring your second property has ample security and doesn’t require your full attention will offer peace of mind and more.


Second property security pitfalls

A second property is usually in a different location from your first, and therefore naturally more difficult to look after. They’re often also just used as holiday homes, and therefore not visited regularly.

If you second property is a commercial premises, you may wish to have security provisions due to high value stock, or insurance purposes. Without constant eyes on your second property, you are bound to run into security pitfalls.


Flexible solutions

With this comparison of our 3 different Sentry Guard units, you can see how they offer a huge amount of versatility. From remote second properties where just a simple alarm is needed, to 24/7 video with remote monitoring on your smart phone – there are flexible solutions for all property types.

If you own a commercial property, you can also tack on 24/7 remote monitoring from our control centre. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can assist you with your second property.

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