Industrial Alarm Options in Sheffield

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Industrial Alarm options in Sheffield

Protecting an industrial property comes with its own challenges. Consider Sentry Guard units as your industrial alarm options in and around Sheffield.

Simple alarm units

If it’s just overnight protection you are looking for, with alarm notifications and deterrent features, then the basic Sentry Guard unit would work well in an industrial setting. Built to last and hardwearing in a tough industrial environment, this unit offers great peace of mind and reliability.

CCTV options for industrial sites

If you are wanting industrial alarm options with CCTV too, the Sentry Guard Plus and Eco Cam options would work well. The best of both worlds, you can enjoy the benefits of a sturdy alarm plus 24/7 video feed that can be monitored from your phone. These units also run off renewable energy, so do not require a power source.

Perfect for fast moving and mobile sites

If you have a difficult site for traditional alarm or CCTV options, these hardy units that can be moved as necessary. You can get them in overt or covert designs, perfect for blending in to your industrial property or for overtly warning people away. If you own an industrial site in Sheffield, get in touch today to discuss how Sentry Guard can provide you with security.

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