Interim Alarms for Evolving Businesses

If you have an evolving business or start up, you may have to work at pace. If you aren’t sure what the needs of your business will be in 6 months, there’s no point in investing in expensive static alarm systems. If you’re looking for interim alarms for an evolving business, Sentry Guard could be the solution for you.

Don’t know what your needs are yet?

If your business is growing rapidly, your growth may exceed your property requirements at various stages. During this period of growth you may not know what your security needs will be, or have your final business site set up. Sentry Guard mobile alarm and CCTV units may fill this gap. They can be deployed across the UK with ease.

Interim Alarms

If you are in the process of upgrading or increasing the size of your business, you may find your current alarm or CCTV system isn’t big enough. Sentry Guard units can act as interim alarms for your growing business, can be hired on short or long contracts; and there is a unit for every property type.

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