Salvage Yard Security Solutions

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Salvage Yard Security Solutions

Salvage yard security solutions have advanced in recent years. To match the evolving nature of salvage sites, so must the technology that protects them. With salvage culture still alive and well, properties need more than just razor wire and high fencing.

Night Yard Security

Night time yard security is really the prime reason for having Sentry Guard or Sentry Guard Plus units at your salvage yard. These units act as both an alarm system as well as remote monitoring units. See some of the audible and visual deterrents that all Sentry Guard units offer.

Remote Yard Monitoring

If you have a large site, you can’t always be in two places at once. With the Sentry Guard Plus units, you can monitor your property from your mobile phone or tablet. If you are in one section working, your Sentry Guard can be your eyes on the other.

Hardy and Armoured

Don’t bother with delicate camera equipment, the hardy and armoured Sentry Guard units are perfect for salvage yards. They can take the wear and tear of a busy property. Their armoured shell and anti-theft technology help to keep them safe from intruders too.

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